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Comparison Of UK Passport Photo Prices

When it comes to getting a passport photo for a UK passport, there are a variety of options available. You can visit The Imaging Professionals studio at 173a Walsgrave Road, Coventry CV2 4HH or You can take your own photo at home, go to a local photo booth. However, the cost of these options can vary greatly. In this article, we will compare the prices of UK passport photos from different providers, with reference to our website.

Home Photos

Taking your own passport photo at home is a convenient option, but it does require some preparation and attention to detail. You will need to make sure that your photo meets the necessary guidelines, including the correct size, head position, and lighting. You can then print your photo at home or at a local photo printing service – The Imaging Professionals studio at 173a Walsgrave Road, Coventry CV2 4HH.

The cost of taking your own passport photo at home can vary depending on the quality of your printer and paper. You will also need to factor in the cost of ink and any additional software or editing tools you may need. The total cost of taking your own passport photo at home is typically around £5 to £10.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are a popular option for getting passport photos. They are usually found in shopping centers or post offices and offer a quick and easy way to get your passport photo taken. The cost of using a photo booth for your passport photo can vary depending on the provider, but is typically around £5 to £7.

Online Passport Photo Services

Online passport photo services are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and affordability. These services allow you to take your passport photo at home using your smartphone or digital camera, and then upload the photo to the website. The website will then process the photo to ensure that it meets the necessary guidelines, and send you a digital copy or a physical copy by mail.

The cost of using an online passport photo service can vary depending on the provider, but is typically around £4 to £10 for a digital copy or £6 to £15 for a physical copy. Some providers also offer bundle deals where you can purchase multiple copies of your passport photo at a discounted price.

Comparison Of UK Passport Photo Prices

Here Is A Comparison Of The Prices For UK Passport Photos From Different Providers:

Provider               Cost

Home Photos    £5 to £10

Photo Booths    £5 to £7

Online Passport Photo Services £4 to £10 (digital) or £6 to £15 (physical)

As you can see, online passport photo services offer the most affordable option for getting a UK passport photo. Not only are they cheaper than photo booths and taking your own photo at home, but they also offer the convenience of being able to take your photo at home and avoid any travel costs associated with visiting a photo booth.


Getting a suitable passport photo is an important requirement when applying for a UK passport. While there are a variety of options available, the cost can vary greatly. Home photos are convenient, but can be costly if you need to purchase additional equipment. Photo booths offer a quick and easy option, but can also be pricey. Online passport photo services are the most affordable option, and offer the convenience of being able to take your photo at home.

Photo passport photo Passport Photos visa photos

The Most Effective Method To Make A 2×2 Photo – Complete Guide

A 2×2 Photo – Complete Guide

Where to begin? In the first place, you need solid programming. You need to set up your photo as indicated by the authority prerequisites. Continue to peruse this manual to get familiar with the picture determinations and find the simple-to-follow ventures for making an ideal photo. If you’re looking for other ways to save travel cost and time, then you could, use the form below. All custom passport photo or visa photo sizes and UK Next Day Delivery available.

2×2 Photo Template And Requirements

When making their own ID photo, individuals frequently request that how present in an image. Or on the other hand what number of pixels are a 2×2 photo? Look at the authority prerequisites for a 2×2 inches photo (appropriate for both a passport and visa):

•             Your photo should be in shading and printed on excellent paper.

•             Submit only a new picture (taken inside the most recent half-year) to mirror your current appearance.

•             Plain white or white-off foundation, with no example or items behind.

•             Full face is coordinated to the camera, only an unbiased look is satisfactory.

•             Eyes ought to be open and unmistakably visible. There should not be any shadows or hair across the face.

•             No headcovers like caps or cloak, no headphones, and comparable items on your head (aside from worn for strict reasons).

•             You can’t wear glasses (regardless of whether they don’t have colored focal points).

•             Assuming you incline toward visual aides over writings and records, look at the models beneath. They represent the greater part of the necessities:

Step By Step Instructions To Make A Photo 2×2

Concentrated every one of the necessities and prepared to make some move? Adhere to the Directions underneath and set up your 2×2 inches photo in under 5 minutes.

Stage 1. Pick Your 2×2 Photo Format

Most importantly, download passport photo Maker from the authority site. At the point when you’ve dispatched the product stay on the ID Type tab to peruse an assortment of implicit photo layouts. We should pick an appropriate format of the necessary size. For this situation, we’ll make a 2×2 passport photo so click US passport. On the right, you can see that the program uses the proper width and stature settings.

Stage 2. Yield Your Image To 2×2 Inches

How to trim a photo 2×2 inches? The passport picture should gauge precisely 2×2 inches, with the head size from 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches. The eyes ought to be put between 1/8 crawls to 1 3/8 creeps from the photo base. The app uses savvy face recognition innovation so you don’t need to stress over the right side of your head in the photo. In the event that the face acknowledgment module hasn’t worked properly, move the red and yellow lines to place the entire face into the center or physically change its proportion.

Stage 3. Change The Photo Foundation

Change to the Edit tab to make your image look as though it was taken by a professional photographer. Change the foundation tone to consummate white without influencing the face. Change features and shadows to get an unmistakable and sharp picture. Supplant garments to something more authority and formal in case you’re wearing a basic T-shirt in the image. In any case, be cautious with a lot of altering. After all the tweaking your ID photo should in any case look normal.

Stage 4. Print Your 2×2 Photo At Home

At this present time, it’s a high opportunity to print your 2×2 inches photo. Move to the print tab to pick the paper size and set the ideal number of duplicates. You can likewise add crop imprints to simpler cut out your printed photos. To get two US passport photos, pick 4×6 inches of paper and set the edges to fit all the photos on the page. Hit the print catch or save them as JPEG and add them to your online application.

Need a more point-by-point guide on the best way to make a 2×2 photo? Watch the video exercise underneath and rehash every one of the activities to get the best outcome:

Need to make different kinds of ID photos? With passport photo Maker programming, you can without much of a stretch plan proper pictures for the entirety of your family. The program accompanies many ID photo layouts for any reason and event, including child passport photos, DV Lottery pictures, Schengen visa photos, driver’s permit pictures and numerous different configurations. Begin with this ID photo manager and set aside your cash spent on photo administrations!

2x2 photo

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Conveniently develop your Passport Size Photos for ID cards, Visa, Driving licenses as well as health and wellness cards with ThePhotoApp

Are you searching for a “visa or passport photo near me”? Are you tired of driving to the studio, car park as well as waiting in line? Or are you fretted about dragging your kids to the drugstore really hoping that they will comply? Because you can now take a picture for your ID, ticket or visa at house, worry no more

TheImagingProfessionals now uses on-line keyring size images, Visa Photos, Driving Permit Photos and other ID Photos services with an alternative for the UK next day delivery and also money-back guaranteed

They have actually helped lots of to develop a passport size image that is ideal for keys as well as various other traveling papers. All you have to do is to take a photo with your cellphone, send it over to them for validation, handling, as well as printing.

Whether you have a camera or smartphone – the majority of the tough work is done after taking the photos

For ₤ 9.99, you will certainly receive a set of 4 approved, validated and also published ticket images or visa images in the article within 2-4 functioning days

If ordered prior to 1:00 pm, consumers can hurry their orders to following day distribution

If you require a biometric passport image, ThePhotoApp will check your photo prior to publishing to make certain it fulfils all the needed needs

If your image needs modifications, they will make them for you. Do not fret- you can upload a brand-new image. They’ll after that examine the brand-new photo once more.

The Imaging Professionals does not quit at checking every image they receive, they do more! With the purpose of lowering the cost of ticket pictures, visa pictures and also to bring this solution better to individuals, most particularly, those staying in remote areas, experts with busy work schedules, individuals with movement difficulties, as well as newborns.

They make sure every client enjoys with their brand-new key photos, so every photo is fine-tuned, brightness and comparison adjusted, do colour modification as well as even see to it the history meets the dimension and material requirements

Regardless of which nation’s key or visa photo you require, TheImagingProfessionals will certainly help you create those photos and match the worldwide standards

Make several key pictures from your perfect clicks. You reach choose your finest photo. Don’t clear up for yet an additional mugshot- remember it’s there for one decade

With the help of this website, you can develop a key photo based upon the criteria of a number of countries effortlessly and also you do not require to use costly and difficult picture editing and enhancing software.

TheImagingProfessionals ID, Visa & ticket image professionals validate much more passport images than any kind of drugstore and we have a 99% authorisation rate.

Photo passport photo Passport Photos visa photos

passport photo studio

Passport Photo Studio Coventry Experts – The Imaging Professionals, 173a Walsgrve Road, Coventry, CV2 4HH.

Passport Photo Studio Coventry Experts – The Imaging Professionals. Our Passport Photo will constantly meet the guidelines for computerised identification photograph and printed version visa photographs.

passport photo studio coventry

Ensure your passport photo meets the required specifications. On the off chance that it doesn’t, you may have issues with your application. The Imaging Professionals can print passport photos and visa photographs for any Nation on the planet including UK, US, India, Australia and whatever remains of Europe (EU International ID photographs) while you pop in and with no arrangement required.

We ensure that your ID and Visa photographs will be accepted by the government office or we will retake it for FREE.

Our UK Passport and Visa photographs will dependably pass unbending VISA and Identification necessities. Moreover, we are managing more customers that require Indian Visa pictures and we are pleased to declare that we presently have a segment managing and practicing with Indian Passport and Visa Photographs.

We additionally have a client handbook accessible in store to answer any inquiries you may have on each government office on the planet.

Our store comprehends the little subtle elements required to run an administration like the manner in which we do – from continually offering you a mirror before we take your visa photograph, to guaranteeing that the background is light-grey, or white (contingent upon the International safe haven you are applying to).

We truly trained our stuff with regards to taking passport photos – which is the reason we can offer an assurance that the majority of the ID photographs we deliver in store will constantly meet the government office necessities or we will retake them FREE of Charge.


Passport Photos printing

Why not come in today and get your International ID Photograph or visa photograph in store? To see every one of the Nations on the planet that we take photographs for, it would be ideal if you take after this connection.

You are welcome here to get your photo snapped and printed in store regardless of whether you have an appointment with us or not. We welcome walk in customers. We are open till 6 pm, 6 days seven days. We are situated at 173a Walsgrave Road, Coventry, CV2 4HH. We are almost opposite the Old Ball Hotel, by Ball Hill Bus Stop.

UK Digital Passport & Visa Photos details

The principal point is that the Passport Photo or Visa Photograph ought to be taken to the correct rules set by the UK government, and we will guarantee that your passport and visa photos meet these. Not accurately taken passport photographs can result in your application being rejected. In the event that you intend to do it yourself, here are some useful notes that will guarantee that your passport photograph is affirmed first time around.

UK Visa Photograph Background Colour

We reliably have clients continually demanding that the background colour be white. However, according to UKBA, the identification photograph background shading ought to be in Cream or Light Grey Colour. There is a rationale behind this, as White will reflect light back to the camera, and furthermore make shadows. This problem is eliminated if a light-grey or cream colour background is used.

Children Passport and Visa Photos

This is a basic part, anyway in the visa photograph there ought not to be any toys or parent’s hands supporting their kids or some other object or individual ought to be noticeable. The Imaging Professionals spends significant time in quieting babies down and we take a passport photo of new-born while lying them down, rather than holding them up which has caused numerous disappointments in the past.

Newborn child Visa Photographs

New-born don’t need to have their eyes open – vital this can spare a great deal of time, particularly is your baby is resting.

We are confident to say that you are permitted to wear your glasses in a UK Passport ID photograph?

Essential: you can have your glasses on in the event that you wear them every day – In any case, no reflections are permitted – so remember this. Our staff can evaluate whether the photograph we take will pass.

UKBA International ID Photograph or Visa Photographs Prerequisites

  • Photograph ought to be in colour.
  • It must be taken against cream or light-grey, not white.
  • Size will be 35 mm x 45 mm.
  • The subject ought to be forward and straight with eyes open, with no tinted glasses, shades or anything with the reflection eyes.
  • To keep away from the danger of dismissal, we suggest photo without glasses.
  • Photograph ought to be taken without anything covering face.
  • Photograph ought to be with impartial articulation, mouth shut and no grin.
  • Just a single individual is permitted in a photograph (no items like toys, hands or some other individual obvious).

Children ID Photograph Requirements (Age five or under):

Children age six or above will required to take after the above rules.

  • Need an unmistakable picture of kid
  • No need an unbiased appearance, or to look specifically in the camera yet it is important to look forward.
  • Infant’s under one year does not need their eyes open, but rather it is best if the eyes are open.
  • It ought to be clear, not harm, not torn and no imprints on it
  • Ought to be printed professionally, abstain from printing at home.

We can make advanced pictures of your identification photographs in any detail required. The majority of our ID photographs clicked in store are Biometric affirmed.

The Imaging Professionals can likewise print your passport ID photographs in the accompanying sizes.

Sri Lanka Identification Photograph

The greatest issue with Sri Lankan identification photograph is that the necessity of the photograph is a bit strict about the ears, and clients taking visa photograph in a photograph stall or any individual who doesn’t know, commit a typical error by not demonstrating their ears legitimately.

USA Passport Photo and Visa Photo

The US Visa Photo is very different from the UK Passport ID or Visa photograph prerequisites; it is 2-inch x 2 inch and must be a white colour background. It must have a full face from the highest point of the make a beeline for the base of the jaw, more vitally face ought not to be in excess of 1inch to1-3/8inch (25mm-35mm). It is required that the ears ought to be seen.

USA Visa Photo

In the visa photo of USA, it is compulsory to have both printed photograph and digital photograph; the printed photograph is not different size from the US Passport ID photograph. The primary oversight the client make is that they try to make the digital photograph different size from the print photograph which is 2inch x 2inch, yet the digital photograph isn’t estimated as the physical printed photograph, it is estimated as pixel and can change while transferring to US online application shape.

USA Digital ID Photograph Arrangement

The US digital ID photograph ought to be between 600 x 600 pixel and 1200 x 1200pixel. The computerised photograph ought to be in JPG format. The measure of the picture ought not to surpass or not more prominent than 240kb (kilobyte). At The Imaging Professionals, we guarantee that our photographs meet these conditions.

Indian Passport Photo and Visa Photographs

The Indian passport photo/Visa photograph is very different from the UK Passport ID photograph prerequisites; it is 2inch x 2 inches. It must have a full face from the highest point of the go to the base of the jaw, more imperatively face ought not to be in excess of 1inch to1-3/8inch (25mm-35mm).

The background ought to be plain white. In the photograph, there ought not to be any kind of shadow in the face or out of sight. Head covering isn’t permitted aside from religious reasons. The face ought to be nonpartisan.

Children under one year don’t need their eyes open, anyway open eyes is prescribed. The kids under 10 years old are a bit simple on the situation of eyes in the photograph and face demeanour, however, the photograph ought to be clear the photo ought not to have seat backs obvious, toys or any of the individuals ought not to be noticeable.

Photo Shop in Coventry.

There are reasons why you should mull over utilising a photograph shop in Coventry – Poor lighting, the danger of coming up short, and nobody to physically return to when things turn out badly. We are constantly here to serve you, and react to any issues you may have – we assume liability for our work and dependably mean to hit the nail on the head first time. Our prosperity throughout the years just supports this magnificence.

Get in touch with us

On the off chance that you require more help or exhort. It would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to contact The Imaging Professionals on 02476764594


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Top 10 Passport Photo Studios in Coventry

Besides being taught by online writers on how to make your own passport photos at home, we have put together list of passport photo studios in Coventry where you can have an ID Photos , Visa Photos and Passport Photos taken. In no particular order, the following are places we have researched and identified to be right passport photo studios to have passport and visa photos made.

The Imaging Professionals.

Passport Photo Studio for better passport photos service in Coventry. Be it ID or Visa Photos needed for travel document, India Life Visa Photo or OCI application, UK, EU, US Visa Photos, The Imaging Professionals is capable to get you the exact photos needed.

Passport photo is taken by experienced photographer inside a controlled lighting photographic studio. Free parking spaces on nearby streets and photos are ready within 3-5minutes.  No appointment is necessary, walk in customers are welcome. Get in touch with The Imaging Professionals on 02476764594 or visit the studio at 173a Walsgrave Road, Coventry CV2 4HH

passport photo studio


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