Document Scanning Coventry

Bulk Document Scanning Coventry.

Bulk Document Scanning service by The Imaging Professionals.

  • Processing Manual Scan The documents get scanned manually along with editing
  • Maintaining High Quality The scanned documents get reviewed by technicians
  • Maintaining Security Documents scanning and all other associate work gets done in Coventry, United Kingdom

Why transferring your documents into digital form?

By transferring your documents into digital form, you can protect it from damage, dust, decay or loss of it in future. The documents transferred to digital never get damaged from the environment and stay protected forever. Even if there is any disaster, you will not have to stay anxious for its loss as it would be available digitally. You can access it anywhere by carrying the USB flash drive even if you are away from home to view on a computer screen.
The images get scanned by the technicians with hands along with editing, after editing, they get transferred into the USB flash drive. The process protects and ensures the quality of the documents after they appear digitally.
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Copyright Agreement.

The Imaging Professionals (TIPS GROUP LIMITED) cannot duplicate or work on the photos which are copyrighted. You have to agree that you are the owner of the photos before sending in the mail. If there is a symbol of copyright on the image, the responsibility is of the customer to attain permission from the original owner of the photo to be converted and requires their signature. It allows you to get the conversion of photos or get them altered through digitization or scanning. You have to send in the copy of the owner signature waiver along with the order to The Imaging Professionals. If you do not send in the copy, you take the ownership of the photos which are not yours and use them for your own purpose.
You agree not to hold any person liable including the employees, directors, officers, business partners against the liabilities and expense for the photos from breaching through the warranties and representations of the photos.

Liability Agreement.

We promise to provide the best quality work to the customers and keep the order protected with us at all times. Sending the documents to The Imaging Professionals for scanning or any other handling under the agreement that there is no warranty for the damage or loss by our company and subsidies would be entitled to compensate for the damage/loss or recovery. The company is responsible for document or any other miscellaneous object for scanning, incidental damage or if there is a breach in the contract by The Imaging Professionals. We do not take the responsibility of any order more than 30 days after the completion date. The prices of the services may change anytime without notice so keep that in consideration while ordering. If the content gets damaged through any negligence, theft, fire or get lost during the shipping mail, The Imaging Professionals will not be responsible for it and won’t be liable for it. You as a customer agree not to hold The Imaging Professionals liable for any loss or compensation if the mail gets damaged, lost or misplaced before getting to The Imaging Professionals and while reaching back to you after the completion of the order.

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