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Photo Scanning service by The Imaging Professionals.

  • Processing Manual Scan: The photos get scanned manually along with editing
  • Maintaining High Quality: The scanned photos get reviewed by three photo technicians
  • Maintaining Security: Photo scanning and all other associate work gets done in Coventry, United Kingdom

Excellent photo scanning service. Get the old images back to life with The Imaging Professionals service. Photos can help you remind the beautiful memories of past so do not let them get damaged in your storeroom. Reach out to us and save them digitally so not only you can access them conveniently but your future generation can have a view of it as well.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. You can also call us on 02476101687 / 07448404391

Process of Photo Scanning

1. Preparation

The first step requires in photo scanning is cleaning of photos with a lint-free cloth to make sure there isn’t any dust on the original image.

2. Scanning the Photo

The photos get scanned on the reliable scanning machine

3. Formatting and Editing

As it appears digitally, the photo gets edited to enhance its colour and look better with cropping, repairing damages, rotating image and more.

4. Transferring

The albums created digitally gets transferred to the external USB for the customer securely.

5. Handing it over

The last step is to hand over the digital and physical albums back to the customer to enjoy their memories.

Photo scanning

Why transferring your photos into digital form?

Photo scanning is a process of transferring your photos into digital form. With this method, you can protect it from damage, dust, decay or loss of it in future. As time passes, the printed photos tend to get old and lose their colours. The images transferred digital never get damaged from the environment and stay protected forever. Even if there is any disaster, you will not have to stay anxious for its loss as it would be available digitally. You can access it anywhere by carrying the USB flash drive even if you are away from home to view the photos on television or computer screen.

You can get the negatives, slides and photos processed through The Imaging Professionals. All the formats are supported by us including white pictures, colour photos and more. The dimensions of photos gets adjusted as they get scanned so you do not have to worry about it. Any size can be scanned under 8” x 10” and the charges will remain the same for doing the process. If the photo is bigger than the mentioned size then there will be additional cost for that. The images get scanned by the technicians with hands along with editing, after editing, they get transferred into the USB flash drive. The process protects and ensures quality of the photos after they appear digitally.

We restore the memories for you by creating the attractive view of your photos for you. Look no further for 35mm slide photo scanning service near you, get in touch with The Imaging Professionals.

Photo Scanning Information. Minimum service charge is £35

Options for Resolutions

  • Considering 2400 dpi would be a great choice to view the image clearly on monitor or television. A clear print out can be done under the size of 5” x 7”
  • To make the future print out of 8” x 10”, choose 3200 dpi
  • To make future print out of 11” x 17”, choose 4800 dpi


These are scanning services related questions we are often asked by customers.

Q:Why should I convert the photos, slides and negatives digitally?”

A: Getting the photos, slides and negatives converted digitally will help you in future as it can restrain it from getting damaged. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt out for digital option:

  • The copy of photos is available instantly digitally and there is no fear of loss or damage photos
  • The sharing of photos gets easy as it is the era of technology
  • Photos, negatives and slides can get decayed over the period of time. Digitisation saves it from getting damaged and retains the quality
  • You can share your photos easily through emailing or posting it on social media networks.

Q:Is it possible to scan the photos by myself?

A: Yes it is certainly possible but with the software and expertise which our technicians have, might not be with you.

The normal processing time is 4 working days for up to 50 negatives/slides and 500 photos. Whereas, it may depend for the big orders and does not include the days for shipping. When the order gets completed, it gets returned to you immediately along with informing you via email.

Q:Is there an order limit?

No there is no order limit required to get the photos processed.

A:Do I get my original photos back?”

Yes, every photo, negative or slide which you send us gets back to you with the digital external drive as the order completes. Though, there is a charge for sequential numbering/ordering. Please request a quote for this type of service.

Q:Do my images get scanned in the same order as I send?”

Yes the images gets scanned in the same order as sent and even if there are titles, those titles are kept exactly the same on the digital folder to view the specific images conveniently.

Q:What is the location to ship the order?”

The photos can be send to the following address: (Please enclose an information we can use to get in contact with you)

The Imaging Professionals, 173a Walsgrave Road, Coventry, UK, CV2 4HH

It is better that you make the purchase for tracking and insurance of the photos as The Imaging Professionals does not take the responsibility of any damaged or lost mail.

Q:Are my images going to stay safe?”

Yes, definitely the photos remain safe with us as we scan them under the facility at Coventry, United Kingdom. We do not send any orders internationally and ship you the original photos back with the order as soon as it gets completed. The shipping gets done by the service of your choice as the order completes.

Q:What is the procedure for shipping cost?”

After the order gets completed, we ship you the order with all the information which you provide us via email. We will also add the shipping cost in the total bill for your information. The service which you choose for shipping the mail back may vary upon the shipping cost. The tracking number will be emailed to you after the mail gets send by The Imaging Professionals.

Q:Can I edit my own photos? Are the photos going to be copy protected?

A: The photos do not get copyright protection. If you have software then you can edit the photos.

Q: What are the dimensions you accept for scanning?

A: The photos can be scanned up to the dimensions of 12”x 17”.

Q:Do the photos stay confidential?”

A: Yes, the photos stay confidential and do not get shared with any third party. They are not used for any other purpose except making them digital for the clients.

Q:Are the pictures supposed to be sorted by size?”

A: No, you do not have to sort your pictures by size. You can set it at any order and we will process it in the same order. You should secure the photos before shipping as we are not responsible for the damage during shipping.

Q: What is the format for the scanned photos?

A: The format Jpeg gets used for the file storage digitally.

Q:What is the best resolution to select?”

Choosing 600 dpi would be a great option.

Q:Should I count my pictures?

A: If you wish to count them then it is upon your choice but we make sure to send back the exact same count which we receive.

Q:What if I do not want any editing done to the scanned pictures?

A: You can add the request or any information regarding the process in the “special instructions” section of the form.

Q:What are the types of slides supported for scanning?

All types of slides can be scanned but note that the cost may differ for the sizes along with labour cost.

Q:What are the negative types supported for scanning?

A: The scanning gets offered for 35mm, disc, 127, 126, large negatives and 110. Note that there will be changes in the cost of each negative size.

Q:Do you clean the negatives or slides before scanning?

A: We prefer that you clean the negatives or slides before you send us through shipping. You can find the relevant cloths or chemicals from any local store. We use the software to remove dust or scratches to improve the quality of the photo after scanning.

Q:Can you add the photos into the media device which I have already?

A: Yes, you can send in the media device with your order in the box and all the images will be transferred in it with returning you the photos and the media device.

Q: Do you support the scanning of documents?

A: Yes, we do support the scanning of documents both professional and personal. We convert them into PDF files and if you want more information, you can directly email/call us.

Q: Is it possible to get diplomas, newspaper clippings or any other certificates scanned by The Imaging Professionals?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Do you scan the photos at higher resolution?

A: The current resolutions offered for photos is 300dpi and 600dpi.

Q: Is it possible to scan movies to DVD by you?

A: No, we do not support this service.

Q: Is it possible to get the albums photos scanned?

A: Yes

Q: Is it possible to get the photo uploaded on cloud services?

A: Yes, you can get it uploaded for the cost of 5pence per image. You have to include the name of the service along with username and password in the order form under the “comments” section. If you want to have separate folders for the pictures, please write it under the “special instructions” section of the order form.

Q: What payment methods do you support?

A: We support MasterCard, Visa, Paypal. We also support the payment through BACS. Know that we do not send the bill until the order gets completed and once you make the payment then we ship the mail to you.

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