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Passport Photo Rules For Babies/Children

Taking passport photos of babies and young children can be a challenging task. However, it is important to ensure that the photos meet the necessary requirements to avoid delays in the passport application process. In this article, we will discuss the passport photo rules for babies and children in the UK and provide some tips on how to take a good passport photo of your child.

Passport Photo Rules For Babies And Children In The UK

The rules for passport photos for babies and children in the UK are similar to those for adults. However, there are a few additional considerations that must be taken into account when taking photos of young children:

Age: Children must be at least one day old to have a passport.

Size: The photo must be 45mm high by 35mm wide, which is the same as for adults.

Head position: The child’s head must be facing forward, with their eyes open and looking at the camera. The head must be in the center of the photo, with the face filling 70-80% of the frame.

Background: The background of the photo must be plain and light-colored, with no patterns or shadows.

Expression: The child’s expression should be neutral, with their mouth closed and no smiling or frowning.

Glasses: Glasses can be worn in passport photos, but there must be no glare or reflection on the lenses, and the frames must not cover any part of the eyes.

Headwear: Headwear is not allowed in passport photos, except for religious or medical reasons. In these cases, the face must still be visible.

baby passport photo

Baby’s eyes: If the baby’s eyes are closed, their mouth must be closed too, or their expression must be neutral.

Tips For Taking Passport Photos Of Babies And Children

Taking a good passport photo of a baby or young child can be challenging, but the following tips can help:

Use natural light: Natural light is the best option for taking passport photos of babies and children. Avoid using a flash, as it can cause shadows and red-eye.

Use a plain background: Use a plain, light-colored background for the photo, with no patterns or shadows.

Keep the child calm: Try to keep the child calm and relaxed during the photo shoot. You can use toys or other distractions to keep their attention on the camera.

Avoid hats and headbands: Avoid using hats or headbands that cover the child’s head or face. If you must use headwear for religious or medical reasons, make sure that the face is still visible.

Ensure the child’s face is visible: The child’s face must be fully visible in the photo, with their eyes open and looking at the camera. If the child is very young and cannot support their head, you can lay them down on a white sheet or blanket and take the photo from above.

Take multiple shots: Take multiple shots of the child to ensure that you get at least one good photo that meets the requirements.


Taking passport photos of babies and young children can be a challenging task, but it is important to ensure that the photos meet the necessary requirements to avoid delays in the passport application process. When taking passport photos of babies and children, it is important to consider factors such as size, head position, background, expression, glasses, headwear, and the baby’s eyes. By following the above tips and guidelines, parents can take a good passport photo of their child that meets the necessary requirements.

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The Most Effective Method To Make A 2×2 Photo – Complete Guide

A 2×2 Photo – Complete Guide

Need a 2×2 photo and where to begin? In the first place, you need solid programming. You need to set up your photo as indicated by the authority prerequisites. Continue to peruse this manual to get familiar with the picture determinations and find the simple-to-follow ventures for making an ideal photo. For help, visit The Imaging Professionals studio at 173a Walsgrave Road, Coventry CV2 4HH for 2×2 inch photos.

2×2 Photo Template And Requirements

When making their own ID photo, individuals frequently request that how present in an image. Or on the other hand what number of pixels are a 2×2 photo? Look at the authority prerequisites for a 2×2 inches photo (appropriate for both a passport and visa):

•             Your photo should be in shading and printed on excellent paper.

•             Submit only a new picture (taken inside the most recent half-year) to mirror your current appearance.

•             Plain white or white-off foundation, with no example or items behind.

•             Full face is coordinated to the camera, only an unbiased look is satisfactory.

•             Eyes ought to be open and unmistakably visible. There should not be any shadows or hair across the face.

•             No headcovers like caps or cloak, no headphones, and comparable items on your head (aside from worn for strict reasons).

•             You can’t wear glasses (regardless of whether they don’t have coloured focal points).

•             Assuming you incline toward visual aides over writings and records, look at the models beneath. They represent the greater part of the necessities:

2x2 photo
US Visa Photo

Step By Step Instructions To Make A Photo 2×2

Concentrated every one of the necessities and prepared to make some move? Adhere to the Directions underneath and set up your 2×2 inches photo in under 5 minutes.

Stage 1. Pick Your 2×2 Photo Format

Most importantly, download passport photo Maker from the authority site. At the point when you’ve dispatched the product stay on the ID Type tab to peruse an assortment of implicit photo layouts. We should pick an appropriate format of the necessary size. For this situation, we’ll make a 2×2 passport photo so click US passport. On the right, you can see that the program uses the proper width and stature settings.

Stage 2. Yield Your Image To 2×2 Inches

How to trim a photo 2×2 inches? The passport picture should gauge precisely 2×2 inches, with the head size from 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches. The eyes ought to be put between 1/8 crawls to 1 3/8 creeps from the photo base. The app uses savvy face recognition innovation so you don’t need to stress over the right side of your head in the photo. In the event that the face acknowledgment module hasn’t worked properly, move the red and yellow lines to place the entire face into the center or physically change its proportion.

2x2 OCI Visa Photo
OCI Visa Photo

Stage 3. Change The Photo Foundation

Change to the Edit tab to make your image look as though it was taken by a professional photographer. Change the foundation tone to consummate white without influencing the face. Change features and shadows to get an unmistakable and sharp picture. Supplant garments to something more authority and formal in case you’re wearing a basic T-shirt in the image. In any case, be cautious with a lot of altering. After all the tweaking your ID photo should in any case look normal.

Stage 4. Print Your 2×2 Photo At Home

At this present time, it’s a high opportunity to print your 2×2 inches photo. Move to the print tab to pick the paper size and set the ideal number of duplicates. You can likewise add crop imprints to simpler cut out your printed photos. To get two US passport photos, pick 4×6 inches of paper and set the edges to fit all the photos on the page. Hit the print catch or save them as JPEG and add them to your online application.

Need a more point-by-point guide on the best way to make a 2×2 photo? Watch the video exercise underneath and rehash every one of the activities to get the best outcome:

Need to make different kinds of ID photos? With passport photo Maker programming, you can without much of a stretch plan proper pictures for the entirety of your family. The program accompanies many ID photo layouts for any reason and event, including child passport photos, DV Lottery pictures, Schengen visa photos, driver’s permit pictures and numerous different configurations. Begin with this ID photo manager and set aside your cash spent on photo administrations!

2x2 photo

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