Quality Photo Restoration Service 2024

Photo Restoration with Editing.

The pictures get cleaned by lint free cloth to remove any dust which may result in bad scan. The scanning machine has a built in dust remover also which keeps the quality of photos high. When all the images get scanned, it gets handed over to the editing section. The team of editing is experienced with enhancing the photos for exceptional results. Each photo gets enhanced with proper timing and bringing improvements to the photo. Our focus is not only digitisation but also making the photos look great for you.

Photo Restoration

The enhancement features include orientation, red-eye removal, cropping, correction of colour and more. It gives a fresh and new look to the photo for you to share with your loved ones.

Visit The Imaging Professionals studio at 173a Walsgrave Road, Coventry CV2 4HH for a top-quality photo restoration service.

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