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Passport Application Guidelines: How to Complete the Original Passport Application Form

A passport is an essential travel document that allows you to enter foreign countries. Before you can obtain a passport, you need to complete the passport application form. In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to complete the original passport application form.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Documents

Before you start filling out the application form, you need to gather all the necessary documents. These include:

1.            Proof of identity: This can be a birth certificate, driver’s license, or a state-issued ID card.

2.            Proof of citizenship: This can be a naturalization certificate, a certificate of citizenship, or a birth certificate.

3.            Two identical, color passport photos: These photos must comply with IPS standards, which include dimensions of 45mm high x 35mm wide, and they must have been taken within the last month.

4.            Payment: You need to pay a fee to obtain a passport.

Step 2: Fill out the Application Form

When filling out the passport application form, you need to use a black ballpoint pen and write in capital letters. You should only write within the white boxed areas and leave the other areas of the form blank. If you make minor mistakes, you can black them out with a pen, but do not use correction fluid.

Section 1: Type of Passport

In this section, you need to put a cross in the box that shows what type of passport you are applying for. You can apply for a 48-page Jumbo passport or ask for a Braille-identifying sticker to go on your passport.

Section 2: Contact Details

In this section, you need to provide your contact details, including phone number(s) and email address. This is in case the UK Identity and Passport Service (IPS) needs to contact you.

Section 3: Passport Details

In this section, you need to provide details about all passports you hold, have held, or have been included in the past. This is also where you give details of a lost or stolen passport.

Section 4: First Passport, Lost or Stolen Passport, and Other Details

You only need to fill in this section if you are:

1.            An adult (16 or over) applying for your first passport.

2.            A child who is likely to become 16 before the IPS can issue the passport.

3.            Were born abroad.

4.            Applying to extend your passport or replace a lost, stolen, or damaged passport.

Section 5: Home Office Certificate

You only need to fill in this section if you have a Home Office certificate of registration or naturalization.

Section 6: Child’s Details

You only need to fill in this section if the application is for a child aged 12 to 15 years.

Section 7: Blank

Leave this section of the form blank.

Section 8: Extra Information

Use this space to include any extra information you think the IPS should know about, such as:

1.            Details of a previous or alternative address.

2.            Your preferred method of contact if you are visually impaired.

3.            That you have already sent the IPS to form LS01 to report a lost or stolen passport.

Section 9: Signature and Date

You must sign and date your application here.

Section 10

When applying for a passport, it is important to include two identical color photographs of yourself that have been taken within the last month. The photographs must comply with IPS standards and be 45 mm high by 35 mm wide. It is crucial to ensure that the photographs are of good quality and meet all requirements, as poor or incorrect photographs are a major reason why passport applications may be rejected.

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