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How to get Hong Kong Passport while living in the US?

The citizens of Hong Kong living in the United States or those with dual nationalities require an
HKSAR passport for traveling around the world. A verified HKSAR passport gives the visa-on-
arrival facility to the citizens of Hong Kong for almost 180 countries around the world. You can
travel freely and enjoy your journeys.

Getting a Hong Kong Passport requires a proper procedure to be followed. There are three
major domains through which you can apply for the passport. For the application of passport,
you require the original documents along with the Hong Kong passport photo. The procedure
allows you to have a legalized passport and it can save you from scams. You can follow the
following guide to get your Hong Kong passport.

Eligibility Criteria for the Application of Passport
HKSAR passport application requires proper credentials of a person if he/she is going to apply
for the passport. The following are three major requirements:

  1. A Permanent Resident of HKSAR
  2. A Chinese Citizen
  3. A person having permanent Hong Kong identity card
    However, before applying for the passport, you must know the definition of criteria for the
    above requirements. The U.S Consulate General Hong Kong provides all the information in this
    regard. If you are a permanent resident of Hong Kong and do not have a permanent ID card,
    then you first need to apply for that.
    Methods of Application
    There are three major ways to apply for an HKSAR passport.
  4. In-Person Application
  5. By Post
  6. Online Submission
    Apart from these methods, there are other methods as well which can be used. However, the
    above-mentioned methods are suitable in most cases. 
    Application Forms
    There are generally two application forms for the permanent residents of Hong Kong to apply
    for the HKSAR passport.
  7. Form ID 841: This form is used for the person aged 16 or above.
  8. Form ID 842: Children aged under 16 can apply using this form.
    However, there are some other forms as well that are used for various purposes.
  9. Form ID 645: This form is used by the applicants who have lost or damaged their
  10. Form ID 854: If any citizen wants to have any particulars changed in the passport, this
    form can be used. 
    These forms have separate requirements and you need to fulfil all the requirements before
    Hong Kong Passport Photo Requirements
    For the application of the HKSAR passport, the citizens need to submit Hong Kong passport
    photos with the specific requirements. A colored photo with a white background is a must for
    the application. The full-frontal face with normal expressions should be shown in the photo.
    The photograph should have a 40 mm (width) and 50 mm (height). 
    There are some other requirements as well which are present on the official website. You can
    check those requirements and submit the photo according to them. The embassy or Consulate
    General will check for the documents and confirm them through the concerned departments. If
    your documents get verified, your application will be further processed. 

Getting Your Hong Kong Passport photo renewed
If you already using the HKSAR passport and now facing damage or expired passport problems,
then you can choose the ID 645 form and apply for your new Hong Kong Passport. The
procedure is the same for the application; however, a few things are different. You need to
present the damaged or expired passport to the authorities along with the form. They will
process your application and will let you know about the delivery date.

Supporting Documents Required:
Before submitting the application form, you need to show your original documents that
represent your true identity. If you go in person for the application, you need the original
documents. However, if you are applying through the postal service or online, then need to
send copies of all the required documents.
Hong Kong’s permanent ID card of the applicant and the guardian, marriage certificate (if
married), and the birth certificates of children, are must for the application. Other documents
are also required that will be demanded by the Consulate General.

Fee Submission
There are various methods through which you can pay the fee. EPS/ cross cheque, EPS/
Octopus, cash, and various other methods are available if you are going to apply in person,
through the mail, or online application. VISA, Unionpay, MasterCard, JCB can be used for this

Processing Time
The processing time for the passport depends on the way you choose to apply for a passport.
Generally, your passport will arrive within 5-10 working days, after the authorities have
confirmed the application form, registration, your identity card, and Hong Kong Passport photo.
If you go in-person to apply for the passport, you can receive your passport in a quick time.
However, if you choose the mailing service or online services, then you might have to wait for
2-3 extra days. The procedure ensures the proper processing of the application and the best
services to the citizens.

Collection of the passport
After receiving the application forms, the Immigration Department will inform the applicant
about the date and office to collect the passport. Usually, when you apply through the in the
person of mails methods, you need to go to the offices yourself, produce the original ID card,
and then the department will hand over the passport to you.
However, if you have applied for the replacement of the passport, then you need to check in
the office with the previous Hong Kong Passport photo. After identifying the passport and
checking the identities, your previous Hong Kong Passport will be canceled and the new
passport will be handed over to you. 

Getting your new Hong Kong Passport while living in the US may be a new experience for
you. Following the procedure will help you get your passport ready and will save you from any
kind of scams. And when you get your HKSAR passport, you can move freely to your
destinations and enjoy yourself.

Hong Kong Passport Photos
Hong Kong Passport Photos
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