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What does Your Business Card say About You?

Whether it is an official meeting, the conference of a business convention, you need tangible things in the form of the business card which would help the other person to get in touch with you. There is no doubt that modern technology has shrunk the global world and now it is very convenient to share your personal and professional information with others. Now, you just have to write your information and share it on LinkedIn. However, business world still needs business card nobody has the time to read the details available on card printing coventry

Personal and Professional Information

Business card emphasizes name, designation, employer, and contact information of a person with its company’s name, logo, and address. It gives your personal details to others while you are already engaged in a conversation and eye contact with another person. The details on a card that are very important for your business contain all the relevant information that another person can use. You give your personal identity and your company’s identity on a small card which opens many doors of progress and development.

Showcase Your Company’s Brand

A Business card is a perfect form which gives the first impression of your company’s brand. The material of card, information and the way to present it presents your brand to others. It means that you can create a wonderful impact by handing a beautiful and informational business card with you. Your position mentioned on the business card helps the other individual to choose you for taking services.

Supports Communication Process

No matter you are an author or a businessman, you need to help other people know about you more and there is no way to convey this message in the first meeting other than sharing your business card. Business card work as Initial Ice breaking component as it is the right source of information required to engage in communication with another person. It conveys the right message that you need to give to your prospects. Building professional image and network became easier when an individual hands over a business card to another individual.


Business card not only shapes your identity with providing opportunities with a surrounding world but it also conveys a specific kind of impression about the person. People who do not use business cards suffer because they lose a chance of building a professional network which could be beneficial for their business development. It helps you fully utilize the opportunities that are in front of you.



Why there is a High Demand for Full Color Business Cards over Single Color Business Cards?

People choose full-colors business cards or single color cards for their business cards so it can set them apart from others in identity. Business cards are used to convey the sublime message to customers so they can select you in present and future. There is no doubt that first inspiration comes from seeing the card that a customer receives from a company’s employee. Is it only the name, personal and professional information that attract people towards a service or a product? No, the design and material and color of the card have the same kind of importance. Other people have a distinctive preference for using full-color business cards over the single color business because it is the color psychology that dominates their thinking and personality. They want to follow this psychology in choosing the color of business cards.


Customer and Revenue Factor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Single color cards are used as a brand color which shows a distinctive identity of a brand which does not match with other. Full colors in other way do not provide a distinctive image. However, today businesses are emphasizing more on full-color business cards because it provides a unified image. Full-color business cards mostly include the products or services images that increase the chances of pulling more customers in a competitive market. Customers always make an analysis about the company and its products. The full-color card shows that the company has already spent a good amount of money on designing a card by using a full color which shows that their services would also be worthy to consider. Whether it is traveling agency, beauty consultants, or a vehicle agency, full-color business cards are given more importance than single color business cards. Full-color business cards generate more revenue than single colors business cards as it conveys a more psychological meaning and interaction to attract a lot of customers.

Cost of Cards Factor

Single color business cards are valuable as they are more economical than full-color business cards. The affordability of cards specifically helps those small enterprises who do not generate extra revenue for extra spending. Owners of small business prefer using a single color business card as it is cheaper and it helps in creating a place in the market with other subordinates. On the other hand, big companies see the material used in full-color cards through spending good money as they have enough funds.


Go Classic with Premium Business Cards with Spot UV Business Cards

Many professional working in the fashion and media industry prefer decorating Premium business cards with spot UV gloss. Making spot UV business cards is accomplished through applying UV gloss to the surface of the card which creates a shiny and very clear layer on the card. The design on the card does not change and the printed artwork becomes more prominent and attractive for everyone who sees it. It grabs direct attention by creating subtle design elements which reflect the light.

Spot UV Business Cards
can be made through contacting different companies who offer the services of standard semi-gloss coating and smooth matte laminate coating. If you want to experiment to see the difference between matte finish on the card and high-shine spot UV then you can print two cards with both services.
There are also the options of applying the effect on selective parts of the business card such as the logo or the name of the company. You can also highlight your position by applying for Spot UV Business Cards on it. Creating subtle patterns is a very effective option for business cards of designers, beauticians, and artists. Little spot UV also looks very beautiful on some of the cards with more embossed text.

Check the Cost of Service

To let you go in more a comfortable zone, it is necessary to inform you that the service is not very expensive and anyone can easily get it by consulting with an efficient firm working in this sector.
Experts say that blind embossing and UV design go hand in hand and looks very beautiful at the final touch. Stylish gold details through UV designs are very famous among wedding planners business cards.

See the Difference

Spot gloss is the shiny and chic effect which is applied to specific portions of the design for making it eye-catching piece. Silky matte paper can be used for making spot UV business cards.
Raised spot gloss is very textured and surprising to unprinted sections of business cards. People admire this effect as it gives the chance of touching the wonderful, raised, and a tactile surface of the card trough raised spot gloss. An element layer of spot UV makes the effects more interesting while the car layer increases the soft touch of the matte finish on the card. There are many other ways to which you can add beauty to your business cards. However, Spot UV Business Cards is the best option for creating amazing effects.


Matt Laminated Business Cards VS Gloss Laminated Business Cards

Lamination refers to an application of some material on the card or paper which changes the appearance of the paper and makes it a texture more strong. Lamination gives a smoother and higher nice feeling while touching the card. The two types of lamination are matt lamination and gloss lamination with a basic difference in shine between them. Laminated business cards are very famous in the current market as the shine of laminated card let the personality of a person shine because of its own elegance. Laminated business cards are considered very valuable when people show concern about the protection of their cards. Lamination provides protection on cards by adding the last flourishing on introduction part of your conversation with the employee.

Difference of Looks

Matt lamination is famous for protecting the surface of the laminated business cards. Matt card is covered with the ultra-thin layer of matt plastic on frontage and flipside of the card which gives a unique texture to the card. It offers protection that is necessary for any kind of business card. Protection against discoloration and fading is one of the qualities of matte plastic on mat laminated cards that customers appreciate very much. Gloss laminated is the kind which has a shiny appearance of lamination material. It is used for decorating the card for enhancing its looks.

Difference of Material

Silk or gloss lamination cards gives a charming identity to you by showing the quality of the material used in lamination. There are a lot of ranges of paper sizes that are available in the printing shops for customizing different aspects of card’s looks. Gloss laminated business cards provide the luscious laminated effect to the card paper. It looks great than the matt laminated cards as matt does not provide the shine required. The fabulous look of gloss laminated cards increases the worth of your business and helps in making an admirable impression in front of your customer or prospect.


Difference of Cost

Matt laminated business cards are much cheaper then gloss laminated business cards as glossy paper carries the additional cost. The high quality of gloss laminated cards makes it more expensive then matt cards so if the customer pays the large amount, she/he would also see the value of the money spent in buying the product.

Both types of laminated business cards are considered efficient and super products. However, the cost and reliability differs and depends on the material used on them. You can choose the one you like for your business identity.


Business Cards Printing Process

Understanding and learning the business cards printing process and digital designing business cards is very important in today’s world as every business needs to show and share their identity with others. Why is it important to learn the process of designing and printing? We live in a time where we are always under pressure of doing more than one task at one time. The tension between hurry and completion of work does not give us chance to pay attention to build interpersonal and professional relationships with others.

People do not have time to order business cards which create another hurdle and they miss many opportunities in leading forward to their vision. Therefore printing it is very important to learn this art. The business cards printing process is very easy and it does not require any hard or fast rule.

Understand the Business Cards Designs Skill

Having a good understanding of designs of business cards is very necessary. Start looking for resources that would provide you knowledge about the size, weight, and quality of paper that is commonly used for making business cards. Become a stronger and efficient designer by first making the decision of learning at each and every point and turning your learning to practice.

Contact a Reliable Company  

There are many companies who have a high reputation of providing high-quality paper for making business cards. They sell cards of different colors in standard, mini, and square shape and size. It is another step of the business cards printing process to choose the trim size of original (matt/gloss), uncoated and coated material. You can see customer reviews options or contact previous customers of the company to know the status of the company. There are hundred of the companies who print on linen texture, matte/gloss, smooth and dense paper with raised spot glass, metallic and folding special printing options. Round corners, emboss, die cut, foil stamps, folded cards are also available at a high price for the companies who want quality and quantity at the same time.

Make an agreement with the printing company

if you are concerned about an extended cost that can come with the business cards printing process then it is better to compare the price list of different companies on first hand. Various companies offer the lower price with offers such as printing of 250 free cards on taking service of 1000 cards. If you are a startup with a tight budget then it is the best option to grab the offer that would benefit you with extra free services.


Business Card Paper Size and Thickness Explained

Designing business cards is easy to trick that you can learn with remembering some basic knowledge. Business card paper size varies and it distinguishes some cards from others. It is crucial for a graphic designer or a business owner to learn about the size specification of cards. You can first use software tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Adobe Photoshop for producing a business card that would look professional. Usage of customizable templates is another option that you can choose to start your work.

Explanation of Size and Setup of Business Card

85mm x 55mm is considered standard dimension and finished card size. Many printed designs comprise 3mm of space which is called bleed area. Space is selected for extended backgrounds from the finished size of card piece. The Business card paper size with the bleed area is printed with considerable oversize and the designer cuts them down to the selected size. Cutting gives a fine appearance to the edge of the cards. In this way, there would be no white borders and the cards would have a nice look.

Tips for Creating and Designing Cards

Make the size of the document equal to the size of card and bleed area which would be 91mm wide x 61mm high. Trim the finished size after printing process to regulate the size. You can also ignore bleeds as it is not necessary to include bleed which would give you 85mm x 55mm paper size. For Business card paper size, switch the document width and height in case you want to design a long size up. You would see that there would be no need of rotating the card.

Take Care of the Borders

Keeping all the important text and information about the logo for a safe deign zone is also very necessary when you want to play safely around the borders of the cards. 1/8 inch zone is perfect approximate for a card. Keep the text or information 85mm x 55mm within the horizon of the Business card paper size. It would reduce the possibility of trimming off the digits or any other useful information tat you want to appear on your card. For adopting a safety approach, you have to keep the lines quite away from the card edge. Adopt two-sided option for custom business cards for custom printing effects. Setting files size of 91mm wide x 61mm with bleed is a good option for folded business cards. You have to create two pages inside and outside of your file for reaching this specification.


Where to Print Business Cards in Coventry

Best Place for business cards printing is The Imaging Professionals

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