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If your search phrase online is passport photos near me, we have got suitable answer for you. You are advised to visit The Imaging Professionals  at 173a Walsgrave Road, Coventry CV2 4HH for quality passport photos. The Imaging Professionals is expert at taking visa photos often needed for travel document, Visa application and others.

We remain the best place to have passport photos taken in Coventry based on the quality of passport photos produced and the swift delivery of service.

All passport photos are taken by a professional photographer using our controlled lighting photographic studio.

If you need any help, please call Julius, our customer service representative on 02476-272-762 or our hotline 07536671687.


Passport Photos, Visa Photos, ID photos and Electronic copy (digital copy)

• Your photo will be taken by a professional photographer
• We can produce digital file of ID Photo taken that will meet your online application requirements
• Hard copy prints are ready in 3-5minutes for collection
• Your photos will be printed on quality photographic paper and cut to the exact size required
• We are located at 173a Walsgrave Road, CV2 4HH with lots of FREE and available street parking spaces


Why many come to us for ID Photos, Visa Photos & Passport Photos Service?

  • We produce quality ID photos. We adhere strictly to stipulated photo requirements
  • We provide clear pricing, as low as £7.99 for a set of 6 photos, No hidden Charges
  • We take ID Photo inside controlled lighting photographic studio.
  • We allow walk-in customers. Appointment not necessary and Photos will be ready within 3-5mins
  • We can handle all types of ID Photos regardless of size and background colour
  • We are able to provide digital copy if needed for online application.

The do’s and don’ts of UK ID, Passport Photos & Visa Photos

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Different types of ID photos, passport & visa photos and charges

• UK, EU ID Photo, Passport and Visa Photo. Yes, we provide set of 6 photos for £7.99 if digital file is required, the cost will be £10.
• US passport, visa, greencard photos – 2″ x 2″ or 51mm square. Yes, we provide set of 6 photos for £7.99 if digital file is required, the cost will be £10.    Our digital file is tested using US State Department  photo checker, so guaranteed to upload correctly.
• Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) photos  50mm x70mm- 4 photos provided with specified information written on the reverse. This service costs    only £15.00. Standard Canadian visa photos 35mmx45mm only costs £7.99  However, if digital file is required (standard) it will cost £10.00
• Netherlands passport photos – Yes, We can do them for £7.99 for set of 6 photos.
• Indian visa & OCI Visa photos – Yes, We can do them for £7.99 for set of 6 photos. Digital file available.
• Malaysian passport photos – white background, 35mmx50mm. We can do them for £7.99 for set of 6 photos.
• China (48x33mm), Hong Kong, Vietnam (40x60mm), Laos, Cambodia – white background, varYes,  ious sizes.  We can do them for £7.99 for set of 6 photos. However, if digital file is required (standard) it will cost £10.00
• Also we do photos for licenses and permits, such as for taxi badge, mobility cards, student ID, travel cards, driving licenses, etc

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Passport Photo Requirements,

Few things people worry about when needed to take Visa Photos  & passport photos.

• Hair: if you have rather a lot of it, sometimes it’s hard to fit within the strict photo measurements. It’s advisable you tie it back. If you have a fringe, make sure it can be kept clear of your eyebrows.
• Glasses:  they are usually no problem but if it looks like they could be, we will give you photos with and without them on.
• Clothing: if possible, avoid wearing white clothes as your will be taken against white background if required for US, Canada, most Asian countries.
New born babies are usually no problem, but it can help to pick a time of day when your baby is usually both awake and reasonably settled.


Opening Hours

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