micro cassette conversion to cd

Micro Cassette Conversion to CD or MP3 file

The Imaging Professionals, Coventry Micro Cassette Conversion to CD or MP3 specialist. Many have asked us if we can transfer old vinyl record to CD or MP3. Yes. We are Coventry based Vinyl Record Conversion to CD or MP3 specialist. If you have old collections of micro cassette and you’ve not had a chance to transfer this to CD or MP3. We can help you with Micro cassette conversion to CD or MP3 so that you can share your family treasured old memories of music. Please call our customer service No. 02476101687 for help

If this is what you are looking for, please get in touch with us for quality transfer of Hi8 tape to DVD

  • We have in-house micro cassette to CD transfer specialists
  • Your audio CD will be ready within 24-48hrs (local pick is allowed)
  • Free collection & delivery on bulk orders
  • Extra CDs copies or multiple duplication service available.