Benefits of laminated flyers

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The Beauty and Benefits of Laminated Flyers

A laminated flyer is a perfect tool used for marketing and providing information about business products and company services. A flyer covered with a protective coating gives assurance of long lasting design that would not fade away easily because of external factors.

Lamination gives a new and beautiful look to the flyer and makes it more acceptable for the people who would receive it. It is the reason companies who are highly concerned about the quality do not prefer printing flyers without lamination. They know that a thin sheet protecting the flyer could increase their sale for services. There are many benefits of laminated flyers and following is the detail of the information that would prove the benefits of laminated flyers.laminated flyers

Benefits of laminated flyers

1. It protects the printed pieces of flyers from spills and stains. You can use it without the fear of smudges.
2. It encloses the bonds printed parts connecting two pieces of synthetic film which establish protection for the flyer. In this way, it adds strength to the piece of flyer extending its life and enhancing the appearance.
3. The appearance is made more beautiful by using deep and bright ink colors which enhance the attractiveness of laminated flyers.

4. It increases the durability of printed flyers and assures the user that it would be used frequently.
5. There is no need to panic if your finger prints came on the flyer as you can remove it with a tissue paper. Protection against marks, dirt, and moisture is one of the benefits of laminated flyers that force people to use it.
6. The ink colors enhance the appearance of printed flyers which brings a professional look of the flyer.
7. Stiffness and strength of flyers are the most admirable benefits.
8. Transparency of lamination and clear images with text reduces the chances of blemish on the flyer and enables the reader to read and see what is written in a clear way.
9. The cost of lamination is not high. Any company can afford the cost be considering the longevity of flyers.
10. It can be used in any and every season with no difference in quality.
All the above-mentioned benefits of laminated flyers show that laminating a flyer becomes more important when you want it to last for a long run by maintaining its beauty and worth. The lower cost also makes it easy for the companies to print a large a number of flyers for marketing purpose.

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  1. Inspiring article on matt laminated cards. Can you please let me know the cost for 1000 matt laminated cards and the turnaround time. Please call me on 07984567686.

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  2. We have just opened a food restaurant in Kent and will be needing few flyers to start with say 250. However, we will be placing order every month for special offers. Is this something you will like to consider?

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