Case Studies

case studies

Staying ahead in a competitive Video to DVD transfer service business environment

How we embrace new technologies in a new digital world of converting old analoque videotapes to digital DVD format. The Imaging Professionals has responded to the opportunities presented by new digital technology. It has adopted AVID technology so as to provide its customers with quality video to DVD transfer service.

Using IT to energise sales and marketing

The need to leverage on Information Technology to increase sales has now become a necessity for businesses of all kinds. If your business is not online, you have no business. Besides, the more visible you are to search engines like Yahoo, Google, AOL, the better for your business

Creating quality customer service

This case study examines how TIPS brings quality to services it provides for its customers every day

The importance of quality in creating competitive advantage in photographic business

Learn what quality ID Photo, Passport Photo, and Visa Photo mean to The Imaging Profesionals. Understand how our ability to provide quality consistently gives us competitive advantage, and the importance of offering customers high quality photographic service.