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How to rank better on Google

Every person dreams to have a magic button by pressing which can boost their website ranking but it is just a dream. Increasing the ranking of your site depends on creativity, dedication, persistence, and resourcefulness. You cannot use magic for this purpose but there are a number of steps that can be taken for boosting the ranking of your website on google. Following are some of the steps that can be taken for improving the ranking of your site on google.

  • Get information about google ranking algorithm

Before jumping into the SEO strategies, it is better to look at the game of google ranking. When you will learn about the algorithm of google ranking. According to google, you can change the algorithm while most of the changes that are made are not announced. You will have to get information about all the changes that are made in the google ranking system.

  • Focus on the website contents

Google is giving more value to the relevant, contextual and quality content. In the past times, a body of text which is full of keywords can get good ranking but such a piece cannot get good ranking. Your website must be simple to consume and navigate. The visitor will not only come to your website but a good and strong bond will be created. A traffic which is more engaged in conversation are the key areas on which google are working.

  • Mobile-friendly website

Today most of the people use mobile for visiting a number of websites. People use portable tools for making a search on google. If your website will not work properly on such portable designs than half of your traffic will be eliminated. When your website is mobile friendly, Google is satisfied from you when it works properly on portable tools. Therefore, in order to increase the ranking of your website on google, mobile optimization and local SEO are one of the most working strategies.

  • Use disavow tools from Google

According to professionals, Google places stronger penalization on spam websites. You can use Disavow Tool by Google for the sake of removing remaining items from your website. You can also remove bad links from your website for making it accessible to every age group. You can also prevent neighborhood trust that is poor for making your website free from all such content.

  • Building links

The website which is linked with other sites gets more reception from the Google engine. Google is using a number of building strategies. You can make a building plan for increasing reception on your website and can execute the plan. You can ensure that the natural rate of traffic will increase on your website and can make it positive.