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  • by Janet Banks
  • 04-07-2017
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Digitizing family movies - Transfer videotapes to dvd

As time passes by everything that is related to you increase in value to you. A film and video also get old and they deteriorate over time. Most of us have movie collections of some very fond memories and moments from the past. But, as the time flies by the material in which they’re stored gets old and the environment takes its toll and the quality of that movie or film gets affected over time.

It is good to have knowledge of shelf lives of different devices so that you can easily transfer the movie to another device before it is lost to eternity. Reel-to-reel 8-mm tape usually lasts for about twenty years after that the tape deforms and chemical breakdown starts and results in erased data. Other devise such as VHS videotapes begin to become progressively worse after a decade. Writeable CDs and DVDs, despite being dubbed as durable are not that long lasting either and oxidation process removes all data from their surfaces.

Hard drives and other storages

Hard drives and other storages also don’t last forever, but are better in terms of providing you with numerous options so that you can move your valuable data. Once you have your movies in your computer you can make copies of them and back up your whole data.

Before starting on the digitizing task it is better that you analyse the scale of the work at hand. Digitizing a tape or a film is long process and takes effort. If you have too many videotapes or 8-mm reels you need to consult a professional before you undertake digitizing.

Some reputable service providers:

There are numerous services on the internet which you can look to but always make sure you go for a reputable service. Digital Memories and DigMyPics are excellent services in terms of credibility and professionalism. They can digitize your old rare 8-mm reels as well as VHS tape recordings. Yes they can be a bit expensive but it is worth the price when you think of all the benefits you will get from them. These companies deal with volatile materials and delicate stuff. They have the best apparatus available for getting you the best quality movie out of those old rusty reels.


This does not mean that you cannot digitize your tapes and films yourself. If your movies or tapes are in good condition then there is no harm in working on them in the comfort of your home. This is a unique experience owing to which you revisit memorable moments of your life as well as your family’s.

The digitization process for VHS tapes requires a mix of both old and new equipment. You need an ADC (analog-to-digital converter) to integrate between the both sets of equipment. You can buy an ADC online for a very reasonable price. It allows you to connect your computer to out-dated playback devices such as camcorders and VCRs. The standard format in such undertaking is the H.264 video format. After you’ve finshed the recording you can save the files to a folder and play them in any media player of your liking. If you follow this process your files will not get hidden in your computer’s files rather it would be easily accessible.

There are other services which you can use to change the rare formats to more common ones. In this way you can easily save your movies for future. Also, the benefit of converting your movies to a known format will make it convenient to play on modern devices such as smartphones and smart TVs.