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Printing Flyers - DIY or have them printed?

In this day and age when internet marketing is on the forefront of businesses, some think that print marketing is dead. But, that is not the case. When you look at the real estate business you'll find that despite having a website and all the social media they still rely heavily on the brochures and leaflets. And the reason for that is some customers just demand something tangible to look at. The property agents spend a lot to get quality brochures designed.

So you have to make a choice whether to design and print the marketing collateral yourself using a printer or to pay a designing company to do it for you. And how to decide which one is more effective quality and cost wise?

The answer to that is not simple and easy because there are factors which have to be taken into account before making any calculations about cost-per-print. There are websites which make these cost-per-print calculations but even those are not entirely reliable. And the reason for that is the estimates are often done using 5% coverage which is true for a text only page but when you print brochures it is very unlikely that this estimate is correct because there are colour photos and designs which cover the whole page hence increasing the ink consumption.

Here's something else a printer salesman might not tell you. Full coverage on a colour printer is not 100% but in fact 400%. That means you have to deal with 4 colour cartridges if you want to have the potential to fill up entire pages. And you may not know how much colour you are going to need for your brochures.

Colour printers

Full coverage of a page on a colour printer does not mean that 100% ink is used but actually, means 400% because there are four colour cartridges which are all used when printing a coloured page. And you can never know which ink is used more than the other. But, there are websites that offer to calculate that for you and require that you upload a PDF of your leaflet.

Commercial printers VS home or office printers:

Many would wonder why using commercial printers is considerably cheaper than a home or office printer? The answer to that is that companies buy huge sheets of paper which are used to print quite a few copies at the same time. Moreover, the toner cartridges that are used in those printers are huge which make a difference in terms of efficiency.

So it is established that when it comes to flyer printing it is more reliable and efficient to look for a reputable printing company to do it for you. One might think why is it cheaper to get it printed from the companies when the actual printing costs so much. There are two reasons for that; Firstly, most of the printing jobs that a printing company gets are simple text documents that use very little ink coverage. Secondly, a printing agency prints material in bulk that is why the cost-per-print comes out fairly low and other than that printing is one of the services they provide amongst many others so it is a way to attract customers.

What’s best?

At the end of the day, it is very convenient to have a colour printer at your home when you need those flyers printed as soon as possible. But, in the longer run, it is far better to get your marketing collateral printed from a company because it saves time and money and guarantees you a high-quality end product.

An additional benefit of getting your flyers printed from a company is that they can provide you with help about the design and colour schemes of the brochure so that the finished product is eye-catching.