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    10 tips for better print design Here we going to present 10 tips for better print design: THE BLEED AREA The bleed area means that components or pictures of a document that touch the edge of a page. When a print style has a bleed area, it means that the whole document should be printed on a larger sheet of paper and then the sides must be trimmed down. For example, if you are working on a leaflet that has pictures that touch the sides of the pages, you need to print it on a little larger document so that the printer can easily cut-off the sides without touching the images. The breed area has standard 3mm length but can vary. THINK OUTSIDE THE LINES The human mind is capable of doing wonders. Our minds view the broader picture and fill in the gaps. You can make excellent creative use of paper by doing it professionally. Just keep in mind that print of your design does not necessarily have to end at the very edge of the page. You can leave some space and be creative to utilise that in an artistic manner. READABILITY When designing a print which is text rich such as a booklet or a leaflet, always keep in mind that your text is the most important thing. Readability is more important than the actual text. So, make sure you put a lot of effort in the content and making it ‘eye-catching' as well. THE OVERPRINT OPTION If you have a limited budget when working on a print design you can get creative and explore options with the colours that you already have. You can overlap different colours to give a splendid tone to your design. You must know beforehand that which colour works out best with which colour. TYPOGRAPHY IN YOUR DESIGN Typography is the single most important element in the success of your print design. You should prioritize readability when choosing a font or colour. If you chose colours or fonts which make the text difficult to read, then no matter how good you design them it will remain unappealing. Carefully select the header font and match it with the font you've selected for the body of the document. Whatever colour schemes and fonts you use they must be pleasing to the eye. Don't go after what you want to see in the print design. Go for what the audience and the public want. DON'T STICK TO A SINGLE PAPER SIZE You have to be creative in any single step of your design. When choosing a paper, don't limit yourself to the standard A4 size sheet, you can explore other options by talking to the printing company because it is always better to look for professional help. ALWAYS KEEP TO THE GRID You will have to make good use of the grids to get a good design. Grids are the basic thing and your whole design develops on these. There are many options to select from. So, make sure you get the most suitable. INVERT TO MAKE AN IMPACT Invert is another option that you can play with. Select white on black or any dark colour which will make the design eye-catching. But, special care has to be taken using invert technique on smaller fonts as the ink spreads a bit on the paper and the print might look shabby. Therefore, seeking professional help from printing companies is essential. HIGH-QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS A photograph is the heart of the document. Where a brilliant image can beautify your design, a low quality or a pixelated image will ruin it. It seems unprofessional when a low-resolution image is used on a print design. The reason why high-quality photographs are necessary is that the image is the first thing noticed on a print design. And we've all heard about that proverb, "First impression is the last impression". CONTENT: LESSER THE BETTER Don't clutter your design with text. As Shakespeare said, "Brevity is the soul of wit". Keep what is indispensable and omit what is not necessary. Always remember that cluttering your design with text will render it bland and unappealing.  

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    Why you need a business website Like many small businesses, you are also of the view that your business also does not need a website or your budget is not allowing you to have one. you are of the view that if you are not using a computer, then your potential customers may also not use it. all these things are misconceptions. Following are few reasons which will show why your company needs a business website. Small business will gain credibility Most of the customers are using the internet today to search out and for comparing various products with each other. When your business will have a website, no matter how small it is, it will gain credibility. When you will not have one, then potential customers are likely to shift to others brands. If your brand has a website already, then by giving it a professional look you can get more confidence of people. Saves money If a person owns a small business, he is of the view that he cannot afford to have one website for his business while the reality is that you cannot afford to not to have one. no matter cost of having or designing of a website varies but it will be not more than $100 monthly. If you will run your advertising campaign on any other medium, it will cost you more and the reach will also be limited. Therefore, designing a website is considered as a better way of promoting your product. Keep your customers informed You can call your website as an online brochure. The item which is present online has more reach as compared to any other source. If you distribute it in printed form, then your reach will be limited. The thing which is available online has unlimited reach. Your customers can know about all the products you are offering along with the new ones that you are about to introduce. Therefore, online website is better than printed material for keeping your customers updated about everything that you are offering to them. Accessible A website is such a thing which is accessible to a huge number of people. You just need an internet connection for it and can get access to it. no matter you are a regular customer or a potential customer you can view it at any time of the day. Even after viewing it for one time, you can review it again for getting more information about the products. In today’s tough routine, it is one of the best sources to access the information. Target wider market Online website eliminates the concept of boundaries and makes this world a global village. No matter in which area you are sitting, you can get information about the whole globe. So, you can target wide market for your product if you are using an online website. On the other hand, all printed material has limited reach.

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    Tips for better for printing, marketing, design The benefits of printed marketing collateral are numerous; it presents an opportunity for your target audience to engage with your business on a tangible level and allows them to instantly get a sense of your business's style. In this day and age when internet marketing has taken the center stage for most of the businesses, the printed marketing collateral still has its place in business stratagem. The matter of fact is that a nicely written marketing piece can still make a difference in the sale of a commodity and the all-round success of your company. Target your Audience You have to keep in mind what kind of audience you want your product to appeal. Make sure you distribute your brochures or postcards to the right audience; otherwise, it will be a waste of your resources and time. You have to think of an ideal client and target audience which are like him. Sending your products to a residential area will not serve the purpose. Keep It Clean It is highly necessary to make your design as appealing and attractive as possible. People are just like scanners, so it is very important to present them something that catches the eye. You have to use all the tools and options to make it look good. This means high-quality images, strong content, use of grids and dabbling with the colours. Imagery is important As mentioned before your design must be visually appealing. Because the first thing that catches the eye is the graphics and the imagery. These elements help to grab the attention of your potential clients on your design. But, you have to keep in mind not to overwhelm your reader by overdoing the graphics. So, you have to be very careful in striking a balance between these two things. Plan Projects together It is not necessary that the collective media used for sales support must look alike. But, it is vital that all of them should look well integrated as a compatible unit. You can use every type of media at your disposal to good effect but make sure all of the marketing collateral is done at the same time. Your media should all look like that it comes from a single company.   Integrate Brand Elements Your marketing collateral must all be a compatible unit. It is the first thing that will reach a potential customer from your company so it better be good and attractive. You should repeat your design in all of the marketing collateral so that it helps to reinforce the name of your brand. All of your marketing components should include the same logo, colours and fonts. The media your company prints for advertisement should all give a coherent look. Make them Reach You It is very necessary to follow-up on the advertisement business. Make sure that any information about the contact should be prominent. All of the business collateral should include information about your contact and include the address, phone number, email, fax or any or any other way of communication that is necessary for the growth of your company. Think About the Materials Whatever you will spend in the way of advertisement and marketing collateral will return many times over if done in a professional way. The quality of the material you use for the marketing media should not be compromised by price issue. You have to use best and most feasible materials when designing your business cards, leaflets or postcards. This is the material which will get you potential clients so it better be good.

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    Printing Flyers - DIY or have them printed? In this day and age when internet marketing is on the forefront of businesses, some think that print marketing is dead. But, that is not the case. When you look at the real estate business you'll find that despite having a website and all the social media they still rely heavily on the brochures and leaflets. And the reason for that is some customers just demand something tangible to look at. The property agents spend a lot to get quality brochures designed. So you have to make a choice whether to design and print the marketing collateral yourself using a printer or to pay a designing company to do it for you. And how to decide which one is more effective quality and cost wise? The answer to that is not simple and easy because there are factors which have to be taken into account before making any calculations about cost-per-print. There are websites which make these cost-per-print calculations but even those are not entirely reliable. And the reason for that is the estimates are often done using 5% coverage which is true for a text only page but when you print brochures it is very unlikely that this estimate is correct because there are colour photos and designs which cover the whole page hence increasing the ink consumption. Here's something else a printer salesman might not tell you. Full coverage on a colour printer is not 100% but in fact 400%. That means you have to deal with 4 colour cartridges if you want to have the potential to fill up entire pages. And you may not know how much colour you are going to need for your brochures. Colour printers Full coverage of a page on a colour printer does not mean that 100% ink is used but actually, means 400% because there are four colour cartridges which are all used when printing a coloured page. And you can never know which ink is used more than the other. But, there are websites that offer to calculate that for you and require that you upload a PDF of your leaflet. Commercial printers VS home or office printers: Many would wonder why using commercial printers is considerably cheaper than a home or office printer? The answer to that is that companies buy huge sheets of paper which are used to print quite a few copies at the same time. Moreover, the toner cartridges that are used in those printers are huge which make a difference in terms of efficiency. So it is established that when it comes to flyer printing it is more reliable and efficient to look for a reputable printing company to do it for you. One might think why is it cheaper to get it printed from the companies when the actual printing costs so much. There are two reasons for that; Firstly, most of the printing jobs that a printing company gets are simple text documents that use very little ink coverage. Secondly, a printing agency prints material in bulk that is why the cost-per-print comes out fairly low and other than that printing is one of the services they provide amongst many others so it is a way to attract customers. What’s best? At the end of the day, it is very convenient to have a colour printer at your home when you need those flyers printed as soon as possible. But, in the longer run, it is far better to get your marketing collateral printed from a company because it saves time and money and guarantees you a high-quality end product. An additional benefit of getting your flyers printed from a company is that they can provide you with help about the design and colour schemes of the brochure so that the finished product is eye-catching.

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    Flyers Printing - An effective marketing tool While most of the businesses have shifted their marketing to the internet, the print marketing is still not obsolete. There is a benefit to be derived from the print marketing. They are better than postcards and brochures for that matter. A colour flyer is one of the most effective marketing tools. It is also relatively cheap as compared to the other methods. The reason why it is so effective is that it grabs the attention of potential clients quickly. They will introduce your business to the customer on your behalf. Starting a marketing program is never easy especially when you have a low budget. Right decisions are key to get your business up and running. Choosing flyer printing as a marketing tool is not only effective but also saves you a lot of money. Printing of flyers: Printed flyers can be made in different shapes and forms. They can be printed on both sides using different paper sizes. But, do keep in mind that when it comes to flyers; the bigger the better. In the case of colour flyers use eye-catching design and high-resolution photos and a marketing logo. You need to give those flyers a professional look and if they look like homemade that doesn't send a good impression to the public. It is recommended that you get this job done from a flyer printing agency. This will assure a professional look to your flyer as well as guaranteed efficiency. If you use a whole bunch of marketing collateral it will come to your notice that colour flyers definitely come on top in terms of getting you, interested clients. However, it is good to use all types of media to aid your marketing campaign to attract public. You can also conduct an experiment to check which item of your marketing collateral gets you the best feedback. You will come to the conclusion that flyers are the most effective way of print marketing. You can easily distribute flyers in shopping malls or public places. Flyer printing will work out fine with your advertisement budget and will bring lots of new clients your way. Hence, it is necessary that you hire a reputable printer and design a batch of flyers and have them printed. Below are given five reasons why flyer printing is an effective and efficient marketing tool: Affordable One of the plus points of printed flyers is that they are quite affordable and good selection for a business that is still in its early days. If you hire a printing company they can deliver you custom designs which will suit your business and budget at the same time. There are numerous companies that offer their printing services so it would not be a problem to find a suitable one. Multi-Purpose The text body of a flyer depends on the type of your business. You can get those flyers designed in a way which best suits your business. You can also customize them so that they can be of multi-purpose. For example, if you're selling commodities your flyers can act as product guides whereas if your business is related to food your marketing flyers can contain menus so that you get the double benefit. Easy to Read There can be issues with other marketing devices in terms of readability but not flyers. They can be made in any size you want so that there is no such problem. They are the best thing out there that delivers your message in the most professionally efficient way. Wide Reach One huge benefit of flyers is that they are built for distribution and handing out. You can hand them out wherever you think is suitable. When it comes to the distribution of flyers sky is the limit literally. Call to Action Another benefit of using flyers as your marketing tool is that potential clients follow up on the link and contact you if needed. It is appealing especially to those customers who want something tangible to take to their homes where they can have a good look at what your business has to offer. And even if they are not interested at the beginning they can always come back and have another look at your flyer and maybe change their minds. So, it is clear that using flyers as a marketing tool certainly pays off. But, what is required of you is to design them carefully and get them printed from a professional printer so that it adds to the overall appeal of the flyers.

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    Choosing a great web developer: Things to consider You are well aware of the fact that a website is good for your business. The increased sales, opportunity to get known to more people, exposure, and many more services which will excite you and motivate you. You can make the image in your mind that how a simple website can make your business popular. You can boost your business by going online, but from where to start if you do not have an idea about it like most of the other people out there. Initially, you were of the view that you will perform all these things by yourself, but when looking at all the aspects you came to know that it is not something that you can do by yourself. it is the time when you will realize that you will have to hire someone else for this purpose. Hiring a web developer seems an easy task but it is not as simple as you think. Real code or just pretty pictures? While searching out for a web developer what you will have to consider is one of the major questions. It is not enough to just look for such a developer who will design pretty pictures. most of the developers use HTML editors. Such editors create programs with long loading time and confusing codes. A true web developer is one who is able to create such a code for your website which will load it quickly and make the program compatible with many browsers. Room for development? With the passage of the time, there are advancements in technology. Along with technology, with the growth of your business, you will also have to make changes in your website. You will have to increase the number of products, prices, and information. Make sure you hire such a web developer who will design an appropriate method of updating it. by the changes in your business, you can also easily make changes to your website. Professional or not? When it is about web developers, most of the developers are the one who is a newbie in this field. For making a website, knowledge, and experience plays an important role. Rather than choosing such a developer who will ruin everything goes for a professional one. the professional web developer will be aware of everything and can make a better product as compared to the one who is a newbie. However, a professional will cost you more as compared to a newbie but this cost can be considered as an investment. Your role Keep in your mind that as the main idea of how the website should look like is in your mind. Therefore, you will have to collaborate with the web developer. Well, everything which is in your mind may not look good when it comes to a website, therefore listen to him and try to have a flexible attitude.